Your Trials Are Seasonal

At their absolute best or worst times, trials are seasonal. Therefore, we should accept and prepare our psyche to address the hands dealt, one moment and season at a time.

Like many of you, my faith is rock solid when things are going well. However, it is during the difficult times that I find my faith waver and weaken by the hurricane-like winds of each trial. Wind gusts expelling from the core of my struggles, trying to forcefully unravel what I know to be true: I am blessed and have a lot to be thankful for during the peaks and valleys of my life. Unfortunately, in times of affliction, most of us are blinded by fear, so we forget about the blessings of yesterday and today.

Strong is an adjective people often use to describe me, but I don’t always like to embrace this word. The truth is, sometimes I feel like a fraud. Like many of you, there are times when I’m tired and weak. And so, I fake it. I close my eyes and stretch my hands open declaring and showing only positive thoughts and end results for my future, mind over matter, until I’m able to regain my personal strength.

During the hard knocks of life, I work especially hard to hyper focus in order to commit myself not only to plant seeds but to nurture them during the stressful times. Almost daily, I practice and exercise the strenuous task of being patient, and learning to let go and dispel fear from my mind. I strive to replace the fear with spiritual acuity and acceptance that it’s not in my time but in God’s time. Faith is the umbilical cord which feeds me strength so I may push forward towards my fate.

If we do not stand firm in our faith, then it’s easy to be jostled back to a place of fear during life’s weariness test, and with that comes hopelessness. The key ingredients which have always offered me respite during challenging times have been a mixture of my belief and relationship with God, knowing all things do and will work out for my good, a strong confidence in my fate based on my past, and of course, the support of my trusted friends. Those who have been there to breathe life into my future when I was too weak to do so myself. Nonetheless, with most of my fixings at hand, I always try to find the strength to be durable anchored to the truth that all is well. Why, because it is well!

A necessary lesson I’ve learned is that blessings are gifts which come in many shapes, sizes, and forms. They do not always come wrapped with colorful rainbows or have the scent of perfume; sometimes our blessings are buried deep and covered entirely with mud, cobwebs, or may have a decaying odor. How we choose to perceive these gifts, lessons learned, and the choices we make will determine their value within the various chapters of our narrative.

We should be steadfast in our belief and have an acute acceptance that albeit today’s trials, we will ascend and achieve our purpose. At the pinnacle of our faith is a deep-rooted awareness that our God ordains our journey.

In tracing my footsteps, I now realize that each valley experience was a baptism. The valleys gave birth to many life-changing blessings which have offered me emotional and spiritual growth. In doing so, my character has intermittently been transformed and redefined in the chapters of my ever-evolving story.

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