A Child’s Voice

A Child’s Voice is about a young girl who was raised in the country by her grandparents from the time she was three weeks old until she was eight years old. While living in the country with her extended family she experienced love and was free to be a child to explore and to grow. A telegram came, and reluctantly, this girl had to go and live with her parents far away from the people who raised her. For years, there was no escape from her parents. She questioned God and Life.

Dear Reader, 

Everything I’ve been through has led to this endeavor. My entire being has been filled with a need to put my experience on paper. Something overwhelmed my soul, my spirit, and my body; a yearning so intense it was as vital to my psyche as breathing is to my life. Writing these words was more than a personal goal; it was a key that unlocked the door to a long oasis of peace for my female ancestors and me. 

~ Michelle Pranger, Author