Obstacles are Setbacks. They Aren’t Meant to Defeat You.

Today is the day to bring to life those secret dreams which have been mummified and buried under failure, rejection, betrayal, or the corrosive words which have been lodged in your psyche by someone you loved or respected. Just or unjust, everything you’ve gone through has prepared you to move towards the extraordinary future awaiting you, if you are ready.

Every bad situation you’ve experienced took place to teach you a lesson. Understand that every person who did you wrong has given you a gift. Their presence in your life was a necessary evil for you be broken, so you may be open and vulnerable to new growth. Obstacles are setbacks; they aren’t meant to defeat you. As human beings, we are hardwired to weather the storms and rebuild after every disaster. But too often, people allow adversity to destroy or derail their destiny, rather than be metamorphosed into a stronger and more confident self.

I understand all too well that sometimes the darkness is pitch black and you can’t see a glimmer of hope, even though you are desperately seeking it. But it’s when you are in your darkest place that you need to channel your inner strength and exercise your faith, because both will help you realize the existence of light even though you can’t see it and your hope is fading.

Remember, there is always a shadow of light during your darkest hours. The light may not be as bright as you imagined it to be, but nevertheless, it’s there waiting to be your guide. You may have to squint and hyper-focus to see its flicker because it is as small as the tip of a needle and as bright as a firefly, but ultimately that spark of brightness is there to guide you until the clouds lift and the sun appears with its gleam and warmth.

Time doesn’t always completely heal your emotional pain, but it does take away some of the sting and poison which accompanies it. Too often the human mind is trapped and stuck on repeat. We continually ask ourselves, “How could this happen?” “How could they do this?” “Why did they do this to me, to our family?” But there comes a point when the unanswered “how” and “why” questions of your deepest pain are no longer necessary.

Initially, the eloquent, well thought out, tactful answers may have been helpful, but at this point, they will never undo or soothe the emotional wound they’ve left in your most sacred place. Like it or not, well-deserved or undeserved, the wound is yours. You own it now. Luckily, life is about choices. You can choose to do nothing and leave your hurt to fester, or you can choose to clean and sanitize it, if you want to heal.

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