The roots of a tree require three things: water, oxygen, and void spaces within the soil which are adequately large enough to allow root penetration. If all of these conditions are met, the roots can grow mightily.

Some relationships are like the roots of the tree. They nourish your mind, spirit, and soul with positivity because you have the void space to be accepting of a higher level connection with another being. These friendships offer a flicker of light during your darkest hour by giving support and strength when you feel as though you can’t find the physical or mental stamina to move towards your destiny.

Season after season, the roots in your life help you to evolve into a better version of yourself, for they are a gift, wrapped with honesty, an attentive ear, patience, and unconditional love. You’ve invested time and watched the friendships grow and mature, so it’s no surprise they give shade, protection, and comfort during life’s ebb and flow.

Your root is the one whom you want to laugh, cry, and celebrate with for you’ve withstood many climate changes together. These are the friends who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty because they understand the need and value to help dig holes so you may plant organic seeds during your storm. We all need to have a few healthy root systems in our lives, for they are the foundation and support which will allow the tree to do the job it was created to do.

Through words and actions, your root had resuscitated and given life when you were unable to breathe on your own. Sadly, when these relationships come to an end, there is a terrible aching pain due to the emotional attachment formed during the most vulnerable seasons. Nonetheless, do not mourn for too long the loss of friendship. Instead, rejoice on the fantastic memories, learn the lessons you were meant to learn during the seasons they were in your life, and move towards your future without them. Life’s cycle tells us roots will grow, and some will die, so accept friendships as they meander in and out of your life.

Much like the tree needs a healthy root system to survive the various seasons, so do the people in our lives. At some point in our journey, most of us have benefitted from having a solid connection with someone. Short-lived or not, an authentic friendship paired with unconditional love is a root of a tree, for it gives life during each season, enduring and supporting the pleasant and unpleasant weather patterns. Be thankful for the friends who have been your root and have made a tremendous difference your life.

Connection through the development of friendship is an integral part of the hardwiring of the human mind and spirit. As people weaved in and out of my life during the many climate changes, I can’t help but think of the role of “friend” I’ve played in others’ lives, and that others have played in my life.

One thing for certain is this: I have learned a lot about myself and the world I live in from my interaction with the roots who have entered and exited my life. They have pushed me closer towards my destiny and helped carve my character to be the woman I am today. In doing so, I too have been the root in others’ lives, for I recognized the significance and paid homage to those roots-angels who were my source of life during life’s many waxes and wanes.

Do you have a friend who is a root in your life? How have they demonstrated they are a root?

How have you been a root in someone else’s life? If you haven’t been, what steps will you take to be a root in another person’s life?


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