A God-Given Purpose vs. a Wish (Part 2) by Michelle Pranger

My challenge for you today is to discover or rediscover your purpose. Cultivate the seeds you were given and share their fruit with the world. You were meant for so much more than mediocrity! Don’t be afraid to be uncomfortable. Challenge yourself! It is your life – take hold and grip it tightly! The last chapter in your biography has yet to be been written. Society will not set the course of most of your life – your choices will. You are the author, editor, and publisher of your story, so the details, conflicts, and lessons learned are up to you. Be the verb in your story!

Don’t be discouraged by the tough times when you are unable to see the seeds you planted taking root. Have faith and know your seeds have been anointed and are growing into a strong foundation. Remember, each seed you plant will vary widely with regard to the time necessary for it to take root and cycle through its stages of development. Always choose what you believe to be naturally and instinctively right, and be patient, for one day your seed will grow up into a robust plant that will blossom and bear fruit. Then you will reap all of what you have sown, and indeed, much more than you have sown.

Don’t allow impatience to prevent you from nurturing your seed. Take time for yourself, no matter how small. Listen to the soft voice of God with your inner ear. Acknowledge and align yourself with God’s purpose for you. In doing so, you prepare yourself to be catapulted towards your ultimate destiny. You will satisfy your soul by feeding it and quenching its thirst.

What seed do you have waiting to be unearthed that will become the guiding force of your life?

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