Fear is Not Your Friend

Inner peace comes when you realize fear isn’t your friend. So many people go about their daily lives fearful of anything and everything. One of the keys needed to open the door to contentment is learning to purge yourself of this undesirable emotion.

This predator of emotion sneaks and creeps with suction tentacles, hunting for its prey. Not only does fear have the ability to attack your obvious Achilles heels, it also has a keen sense and will ascertain a weakness you may or may not be aware of. If you are not careful, it will forcefully latch on and feed off your flaws, possibly leaving you feeble, not only emotionally, but spiritually and physically. 

Fear has the power to breathe into the unreal and give it the illusion of life, while boastfully holding you as hostage based solely on your past experiences and anticipation of the future, not reality. This negative emotion debits time out of your life, leaving you breathing but not living; draining and preventing you from enjoying the moment. Make a conscious effort to refinance and reduce the term of this toxic emotion.

Remember, fear is the enemy of life. If it resides in the spirit for too long, it can and will pollute your mind. Left untreated, fear will eventually take your life one breath at a time without having any remorse, because it is not of God. Whether you’ve allowed it to be a tenant in your psyche or not, today is the day to give fear an eviction notice.

Replace your fear with faith. Whenever negative thoughts come into your mind, flip the switch with positive thinking. The longer you allow fear to take root in your spirit, the more challenging it will be to rid yourself of this useless emotion, for it becomes a habit. 

When you agree with fear, you are giving it permission to come to fruition by sending the wrong energy into the universe. Too often, we experience unbearable suffering not from reality but our mind, because fear introduces and makes itself much bigger than it actually is. Fear is only good if it’s warning you against legitimate harm. Learn how to analyze and put anxiety in perspective, because it has no legal right to take up residence in your mind.

No matter how dim your present circumstance may seem, remember most things in life are based solely on perception, not reality. Your mind is the first place where you win or lose the battle, so train your thoughts to believe and be a magnet to the promises of God for your life. Faith believes even though you can’t see it and enables you to be thankful in advance while stretching and holding your arms wide open with expectancy before your gift is within view.

Instead of chatting about your pain or fear, faith allows you to breathe life into your future by sifting through the hurt in order to find and focus on the pleasant. It empowers you to talk about the positive end results because you know all things will work together for good. Be a slave to your faith and not your fear. When you are caved in by darkness, make the decision to find and meditate on the flicker of light and God’s promises for your life.

Fear brings you further into darkness and destruction; however, positive thinking brings you towards the light and restoration. Dare to have faith in your fate.

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