Regardless of the source of your pain, what matters is that you use the hurt to develop your character and keep living your life because your struggles have prepared you to be the person you are today. Realize that the plethora of tear drops which you’ve shed have secretly been watering and nurturing your spiritual being so you may become stronger and achieve God’s plan for your future.

No matter what your circumstances are, learn to live your life by growing where you were planted because it doesn’t mean you’ll be there forever, but you do need to have a healthy root system before you are ready to be transplanted. Though painful, know that your troubles are just for moments and they will pass; however, what you do during the inevitable storms, which are bound to happen in your lifetime, will be the legacy you leave behind for the next generation.

Focus not all your time and energy on your adversities for they will only keep you in the pit of despair. Life has taught me to brace and trudge through the horrific agonies so as to get on with my life and to use the sporadic flickers to guide and keep me warm during the cold dark times.  Avoiding life’s discomfort by trying to go around, over, or under it will only waste your time and yield you no personal growth, for it’s like being a hamster on a wheel moving with the illusion of going somewhere but not going anywhere.

Hamster Wheel, Impeller, Job, DistrictLearn to see each of your obstacles as an opportunity to reflect, readjust, or tweak your plans so they may propel you towards a more beautiful and fulfilled future. It may not have been the route you wanted to travel, and the passengers may not have been the people you thought or hoped to accompany you on your excursion.  But ultimately, plans change and yes, they can be painfully annoying and inconvenient, and at worse they can bring forth the most debilitating suffering you’ve ever experienced.  However, you were given the gift of free will, so you can allow the uncomfortable change to paralyze and prevent you from traveling, or you can embrace and be excited about the change because you have faith in your fate.

Remember, life is like driving on the highway. Sometimes there is no traffic or accidents, and other times it is bumper to bumper. Too often, people are so bitter and sour while on their unplanned journey that they miss out on the natural beauty of the voyage, the beautiful people who are with them, the lessons to be learned, and ultimately, their true destiny.

Inner strength and contentment come from accepting the things we cannot control, but knowing we did our best and then letting go, for the moment.

What would you like to resurrect that have been mummified and buried under failure, rejection, betrayal, or the corrosive words by someone you loved or respected?

What are some flicker of lights that have been guiding you during your darkest hour?


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