Your Trials Are Seasonal

      Your Trials Are Seasonal At their absolute best or worst times, trials are seasonal. Therefore, we should accept and prepare our psyche to address the hands dealt, one moment and season at a time. Like many of you, my faith is rock solid when things are going...

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Learn to Live Your Life Regret Free

Being stuck in the rut of happy or sad memories from the past can have a polluting effect on the here and now. As human beings, we sometimes spend so much time reflecting on the happy or sad moments of yesterday that we forget to enjoy the moment that is called today....

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Use Hurt to Develop your Character

Regardless of the source of your pain, what matters is that you use the hurt to develop your character and keep living your life because your struggles have prepared you to be the person you are today. Realize that the plethora of tear drops which you've shed have...

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Obstacles are setbacks. They aren’t meant to defeat you.

Today is the day to bring to life those secret dreams which have been mummified and buried under failure, rejection, betrayal, or the corrosive words which have been lodged in your psyche by someone you loved or respected. Just or unjust, everything you've gone...

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How to Be a Root in Someone’s Life

The roots of a tree require three things: water, oxygen, and void spaces within the soil which are adequately large enough to allow root penetration. If all of these conditions are met, the roots can grow mightily. Some relationships are like the roots of the tree....

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Fear is not your friend. Replace your fear with faith.

Inner peace comes when you realize fear isn’t your friend. So many people go about their daily lives fearful of anything and everything. One of the keys needed to open the door to contentment is learning to purge yourself of this undesirable emotion. This predator of...

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A God-Given Purpose vs. a Wish (Part 2)

 A God-Given Purpose vs. a Wish (Part 2) by Michelle Pranger My challenge for you today is to discover or rediscover your purpose. Cultivate the seeds you were given and share their fruit with the world. You were meant for so much more than mediocrity! Don't be afraid...

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