About the Book

About A Child’s Voice

Writing A Child’s Voice was more than a personal goal, it was the key that unlocked the door to a long-awaited oasis of peace for my female ancestors and me.

Where have you gone?

Why are you not here?

I have searched for you

Down a path that seems to have no end

Nightmares once plagued me

Majestic memories of remarkable beauty surface

I want you next to me, following the fireflies

I see no footprints on the ground

This is a journey I must take on my own

For others to follow.

Table of Contents

The Journey Begins
It takes a District
The Great Outdoors
The Telegram
Safe Haven
The Boyfriend
The Gift
Cupid’s Arrow
Big C
Ready or Not Here I Go
Moving Forward


Is there anyone who can satisfy my hunger?
Clean my wounds and hug me close?
I do not know
I am but a child
Who must forge ahead through her darkest hours
A child who screams but makes no sound
Determined to battle her demons
Determined to save her soul
Never to be defined by moments in time

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