A God-Given Purpose vs. a Wish (Part 1) 

What is the difference between a God-given purpose and a wish? A wish is something you want. It can be an empty, self-seeking desire. However, your God-given purpose is an inner need to do something that is fueled by inspiration. It is a selfless desire filled with passion that is nurtured in your soul from the time you were conceived. A wish is ego-centric. It is man-made. It lives in your mind and has been nurtured by society and has a selfish goal in sight. Explaining the “what” and “why” of your wish comes easily with words.

However, it is much harder to explain a purpose that God has put in your heart because this small, yet powerful seed is rooted in the core of your most sacred self.  It surpasses human understanding because it exists in a place shielded from the contamination of the world. Words cannot describe nor can they adequately capture your real purpose, because it comes from the place where God lives within you. You are inspired to move along with it, even though there is no destination and you don’t know the reasons why. You just know that you must. It feels as though time is standing still while a spiritual presence has taken hold of you, heightening your human faculties.

Each of us was given different seeds. You must take the time to become separate from the world, letting go of ego.  This will help you realize your God-given purpose that has been planted within you, waiting to be discovered. You know it is from God because it has withstood both the temperate and the inclement weather of every season of your life. Your ultimate calling doesn’t let go of you, even when you have forgotten about its presence. It lingers, tugs, and flares up in your spirit, struggling to be the guiding force of your life. It may appear as a void deep within you. When it rises, you experience a hunger and thirst which need to be fed and quenched through action. You can choose to suppress the calling, but it will continue to linger until you take the necessary steps towards your destiny, or when you have breathed out your last breath, and your calling is buried with you.

What have you identified as your God-given purpose?


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