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Michelle Pranger is the author of the captivating book “A Child’s Voice: One Girl’s Journey to Discover Her Voice and Be Heard”, sharing her inspirational story on overcoming varying adversities with courage and faith.


The book “A Child’s Voice: One Girl’s Journey to Discover Her Voice and Be Heard” is an inspirational book for anyone who has gone through or is still facing struggles and adversities. Michelle, in sharing her touching memoir, invites you on a journey of healing through the eyes of the victim. Be prepared for a captivating read from beginning to end.

A Child's Voice

Michelle’s Motivation

Adversity. Hurt. Struggle. Betrayal. Loss. Obstacles. Sounds relatable? That’s because it is relatable. All this and more are things that affects us in varying ways. Take a walk through the heart of Michelle’s Motivation and see things from a different perspective…one that has experienced it and come out stronger.


Michelle considers it a joy to share with individuals and groups her life’s experiences and she’s eager to share them with you. She enjoys engaging in workshops, keynote speaking, one-on-one sessions and much more.

Michelle Pranger

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